UR Fall Detection Dataset

Michal Kępski
Interdisciplinary Centre for Computational Modelling
University of Rzeszow

This dataset contains 70 (30 falls + 40 activities of daily living) sequences. Fall events are recorded with 2 Microsoft Kinect cameras and corresponding accelerometric data. ADL events are recorded with only one device (camera 0) and accelerometer. Sensor data was collected using PS Move (60Hz) and x-IMU (256Hz) devices.
The dataset is organized as follows. Each row contains sequence of depth and RGB images for camera 0 and camera 1 (parallel to the floor and ceiling mounted, respectively), synchronization data, and raw accelerometer data. Each video stream is stored in separate zip archive in form of png image sequence. Depth data is stored in PNG16 format and should be rescaled:

$$d = {C_iP(x, y)}/65535$$

where $ d $ is depth in millimeters, $ C_i $ is scale ratio for i-th camera and $P(x,y)$ is pixel value at position (x,y) of PNG16 image. Fall sequences: $C_0 = 6000$ and $C_1 = 3640$. ADLs: $C_0 = 7000$

Synchronization data contains: frame number, time in milliseconds since sequence start and interpolated accelerometric data $(SV_t_o_t_a_l)$ - corresponding to image frame. Note that the cameras are recorded independently, so they are not strictly synchronized (synchronization based on nearest timestamp value).

Raw accelerometric data contains time in milliseconds since sequence start and accelerometer data: $SV_t_o_t_a_l , A_x , A_z , A_y$. All accelerometer data are in gravity units (g). Total sum vector is calculated as follows:

$$SV_t_o_t_a_l = √{A_x^2 + A_y^2 + A_z^2}$$

If you use the dataset, please cite the following work:

Bogdan Kwolek, Michal Kepski, Human fall detection on embedded platform using depth maps and wireless accelerometer, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Volume 117, Issue 3, December 2014, Pages 489-501, ISSN 0169-2607 [Link]

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and is intended for non-commercial academic use. If you are interested in using the dataset for commercial purposes please contact us.

Fall sequences:

# Depth data RGB data Synchronization data Accelerometer data Video
Camera 0 Camera 1 Camera 0 Camera 1
01 fall-01-cam0-d.zip fall-01-cam1-d.zip fall-01-cam0-rgb.zip fall-01-cam1-rgb.zip fall-01-data.csv fall-01-acc.csv cam0 cam1
02 fall-02-cam0-d.zip fall-02-cam1-d.zip fall-02-cam0-rgb.zip fall-02-cam1-rgb.zip fall-02-data.csv fall-02-acc.csv cam0 cam1
03 fall-03-cam0-d.zip fall-03-cam1-d.zip fall-03-cam0-rgb.zip fall-03-cam1-rgb.zip fall-03-data.csv fall-03-acc.csv cam0 cam1
04 fall-04-cam0-d.zip fall-04-cam1-d.zip fall-04-cam0-rgb.zip fall-04-cam1-rgb.zip fall-04-data.csv fall-04-acc.csv cam0 cam1
05 fall-05-cam0-d.zip fall-05-cam1-d.zip fall-05-cam0-rgb.zip fall-05-cam1-rgb.zip fall-05-data.csv fall-05-acc.csv cam0 cam1
06 fall-06-cam0-d.zip fall-06-cam1-d.zip fall-06-cam0-rgb.zip fall-06-cam1-rgb.zip fall-06-data.csv fall-06-acc.csv cam0 cam1
07 fall-07-cam0-d.zip fall-07-cam1-d.zip fall-07-cam0-rgb.zip fall-07-cam1-rgb.zip fall-07-data.csv fall-07-acc.csv cam0 cam1
08 fall-08-cam0-d.zip fall-08-cam1-d.zip fall-08-cam0-rgb.zip fall-08-cam1-rgb.zip fall-08-data.csv fall-08-acc.csv cam0 cam1
09 fall-09-cam0-d.zip fall-09-cam1-d.zip fall-09-cam0-rgb.zip fall-09-cam1-rgb.zip fall-09-data.csv fall-09-acc.csv cam0 cam1
10 fall-10-cam0-d.zip fall-10-cam1-d.zip fall-10-cam0-rgb.zip fall-10-cam1-rgb.zip fall-10-data.csv fall-10-acc.csv cam0 cam1
11 fall-11-cam0-d.zip fall-11-cam1-d.zip fall-11-cam0-rgb.zip fall-11-cam1-rgb.zip fall-11-data.csv fall-11-acc.csv cam0 cam1
12 fall-12-cam0-d.zip fall-12-cam1-d.zip fall-12-cam0-rgb.zip fall-12-cam1-rgb.zip fall-12-data.csv fall-12-acc.csv cam0 cam1
13 fall-13-cam0-d.zip fall-13-cam1-d.zip fall-13-cam0-rgb.zip fall-13-cam1-rgb.zip fall-13-data.csv fall-13-acc.csv cam0 cam1
14 fall-14-cam0-d.zip fall-14-cam1-d.zip fall-14-cam0-rgb.zip fall-14-cam1-rgb.zip fall-14-data.csv fall-14-acc.csv cam0 cam1
15 fall-15-cam0-d.zip fall-15-cam1-d.zip fall-15-cam0-rgb.zip fall-15-cam1-rgb.zip fall-15-data.csv fall-15-acc.csv cam0 cam1
16 fall-16-cam0-d.zip fall-16-cam1-d.zip fall-16-cam0-rgb.zip fall-16-cam1-rgb.zip fall-16-data.csv fall-16-acc.csv cam0 cam1
17 fall-17-cam0-d.zip fall-17-cam1-d.zip fall-17-cam0-rgb.zip fall-17-cam1-rgb.zip fall-17-data.csv fall-17-acc.csv cam0 cam1
18 fall-18-cam0-d.zip fall-18-cam1-d.zip fall-18-cam0-rgb.zip fall-18-cam1-rgb.zip fall-18-data.csv fall-18-acc.csv cam0 cam1
19 fall-19-cam0-d.zip fall-19-cam1-d.zip fall-19-cam0-rgb.zip fall-19-cam1-rgb.zip fall-19-data.csv fall-19-acc.csv cam0 cam1
20 fall-20-cam0-d.zip fall-20-cam1-d.zip fall-20-cam0-rgb.zip fall-20-cam1-rgb.zip fall-20-data.csv fall-20-acc.csv cam0 cam1
21 fall-21-cam0-d.zip fall-21-cam1-d.zip fall-21-cam0-rgb.zip fall-21-cam1-rgb.zip fall-21-data.csv fall-21-acc.csv cam0 cam1
22 fall-22-cam0-d.zip fall-22-cam1-d.zip fall-22-cam0-rgb.zip fall-22-cam1-rgb.zip fall-22-data.csv fall-22-acc.csv cam0 cam1
23 fall-23-cam0-d.zip fall-23-cam1-d.zip fall-23-cam0-rgb.zip fall-23-cam1-rgb.zip fall-23-data.csv fall-23-acc.csv cam0 cam1
24 fall-24-cam0-d.zip fall-24-cam1-d.zip fall-24-cam0-rgb.zip fall-24-cam1-rgb.zip fall-24-data.csv fall-24-acc.csv cam0 cam1
25 fall-25-cam0-d.zip fall-25-cam1-d.zip fall-25-cam0-rgb.zip fall-25-cam1-rgb.zip fall-25-data.csv fall-25-acc.csv cam0 cam1
26 fall-26-cam0-d.zip fall-26-cam1-d.zip fall-26-cam0-rgb.zip fall-26-cam1-rgb.zip fall-26-data.csv fall-26-acc.csv cam0 cam1
27 fall-27-cam0-d.zip fall-27-cam1-d.zip fall-27-cam0-rgb.zip fall-27-cam1-rgb.zip fall-27-data.csv fall-27-acc.csv cam0 cam1
28 fall-28-cam0-d.zip fall-28-cam1-d.zip fall-28-cam0-rgb.zip fall-28-cam1-rgb.zip fall-28-data.csv fall-28-acc.csv cam0 cam1
29 fall-29-cam0-d.zip fall-29-cam1-d.zip fall-29-cam0-rgb.zip fall-29-cam1-rgb.zip fall-29-data.csv fall-29-acc.csv cam0 cam1
30 fall-30-cam0-d.zip fall-30-cam1-d.zip fall-30-cam0-rgb.zip fall-30-cam1-rgb.zip fall-30-data.csv fall-30-acc.csv cam0 cam1

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) sequences:

# Depth data RGB data Synchronization data Accelerometer data     Video    
Camera 0     (not available)     Camera 0     (not available)    
01 adl-01-cam0-d.zip * adl-01-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-01-data.csv adl-01-acc.csv cam0
02 adl-02-cam0-d.zip * adl-02-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-02-data.csv adl-02-acc.csv cam0
03 adl-03-cam0-d.zip * adl-03-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-03-data.csv adl-03-acc.csv cam0
04 adl-04-cam0-d.zip * adl-04-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-04-data.csv adl-04-acc.csv cam0
05 adl-05-cam0-d.zip * adl-05-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-05-data.csv adl-05-acc.csv cam0
06 adl-06-cam0-d.zip * adl-06-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-06-data.csv adl-06-acc.csv cam0
07 adl-07-cam0-d.zip * adl-07-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-07-data.csv adl-07-acc.csv cam0
08 adl-08-cam0-d.zip * adl-08-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-08-data.csv adl-08-acc.csv cam0
09 adl-09-cam0-d.zip * adl-09-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-09-data.csv adl-09-acc.csv cam0
10 adl-10-cam0-d.zip * adl-10-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-10-data.csv adl-10-acc.csv cam0
11 adl-11-cam0-d.zip * adl-11-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-11-data.csv adl-11-acc.csv cam0
12 adl-12-cam0-d.zip * adl-12-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-12-data.csv adl-12-acc.csv cam0
13 adl-13-cam0-d.zip * adl-13-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-13-data.csv adl-13-acc.csv cam0
14 adl-14-cam0-d.zip * adl-14-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-14-data.csv adl-14-acc.csv cam0
15 adl-15-cam0-d.zip * adl-15-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-15-data.csv adl-15-acc.csv cam0
16 adl-16-cam0-d.zip * adl-16-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-16-data.csv adl-16-acc.csv cam0
17 adl-17-cam0-d.zip * adl-17-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-17-data.csv adl-17-acc.csv cam0
18 adl-18-cam0-d.zip * adl-18-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-18-data.csv adl-18-acc.csv cam0
19 adl-19-cam0-d.zip * adl-19-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-19-data.csv adl-19-acc.csv cam0
20 adl-20-cam0-d.zip * adl-20-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-20-data.csv adl-20-acc.csv cam0
21 adl-21-cam0-d.zip * adl-21-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-21-data.csv adl-21-acc.csv cam0
22 adl-22-cam0-d.zip * adl-22-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-22-data.csv adl-22-acc.csv cam0
23 adl-23-cam0-d.zip * adl-23-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-23-data.csv adl-23-acc.csv cam0
24 adl-24-cam0-d.zip * adl-24-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-24-data.csv adl-24-acc.csv cam0
25 adl-25-cam0-d.zip * adl-25-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-25-data.csv adl-25-acc.csv cam0
26 adl-26-cam0-d.zip * adl-26-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-26-data.csv adl-26-acc.csv cam0
27 adl-27-cam0-d.zip * adl-27-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-27-data.csv adl-27-acc.csv cam0
28 adl-28-cam0-d.zip * adl-28-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-28-data.csv adl-28-acc.csv cam0
29 adl-29-cam0-d.zip * adl-29-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-29-data.csv adl-29-acc.csv cam0
30 adl-30-cam0-d.zip * adl-30-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-30-data.csv adl-30-acc.csv cam0
31 adl-31-cam0-d.zip * adl-31-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-31-data.csv adl-31-acc.csv cam0
32 adl-32-cam0-d.zip * adl-32-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-32-data.csv adl-32-acc.csv cam0
33 adl-33-cam0-d.zip * adl-33-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-33-data.csv adl-33-acc.csv cam0
34 adl-34-cam0-d.zip * adl-34-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-34-data.csv adl-34-acc.csv cam0
35 adl-35-cam0-d.zip * adl-35-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-35-data.csv adl-35-acc.csv cam0
36 adl-36-cam0-d.zip * adl-36-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-36-data.csv adl-36-acc.csv cam0
37 adl-37-cam0-d.zip * adl-37-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-37-data.csv adl-37-acc.csv cam0
38 adl-38-cam0-d.zip * adl-38-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-38-data.csv adl-38-acc.csv cam0
39 adl-39-cam0-d.zip * adl-39-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-39-data.csv adl-39-acc.csv cam0
40 adl-40-cam0-d.zip * adl-40-cam0-rgb.zip * adl-40-data.csv adl-40-acc.csv cam0

Extracted features:

urfall-cam0-falls.csv urfall-cam0-adls.csv

Extracted features from depth maps are stored in CSV format. Each row contains one sample of data corresponding to one depth image. The columns from left to right are organized as follows: